Her Creative Solitude is a lifestyle blog about creativity, femininity, self-discovery and introversion. Although I share travel adventures, brief book reviews and personal essays, content focuses on creative living, inspiration, self-care for introverted females.


Exhausted from pretending to be the social butterfly I had always idealized myself to be, after two intense months of meeting with friends, being an unhealthy amount of time at my job, barely staying home and interacting with toxic people, I swam in the waters of Battle Ground Lake and calmly accepted the fact that, although I like to be outgoing and have fun, it drains me mentally and emotionally and I couldn't continue living that way. 

I went home that afternoon lighthearted, put a stop to all that chaos and decided to embrace myself for who I truly am, an introvert. 24 hours after shifting my behavior to be my most authentic self , Her Creative Solitude was born. Ideas and projects came into mind, paintings and drawings were visualized, my creative juices uncontrollably flowing; everything started to make sense, everything felt right again.

As a response to my need to write, guide and document my experience as a young introverted female artist, I crafted Her Creative Solitude to be a safe place where other women who relate to my journey can come to gain inspiration and encouragement to live the lovely life I believe self-love, creativity, exploration, discovery and determination can give them. 


Hola! My name is Milena and I'm very pleased to meet you!
Besides creating content for Her Creative Solitude, I am an artist passionate about creative living.
I'm a very curious, chatty and giggly girl, but I like to spend time alone, all by myself, with my brushes and paints, glueing sticks and leaving paper cuts all over the floor. You can learn more about me and my art on Instagram @CreativeSolitude