The Artist Date is a blog segment that follows Julia Cameron’s idea of making time for yourself, once a week, on your own, to do something enchanting. To play, have fun, or do something that nourishes you. My favorite from this month was looking at original pieces of artwork at the museum.

I cheated on this Artist Date and invited my friend Taylor to come with me to the Portland Art Museum a couple of Fridays ago because I thought we both needed some inspiring time alone next to one another.

Since baby pinks, light blues and blacks are the colors I’m the most interested in at the moment, I came with my mind set to find how some of the great masters may have worked these hues into their creations.

Although I wasn’t very successful at finding works of art with a lot of black that truly inspired me, I found out that paintings with pink and blue were a lot more common than I expected and these palettes give a very delicate tone to the pieces, which exactly what I was looking for: softness in the chaos of the brushstrokes. 


Yasuo Kuniyoshi's Girl with an Accordion, 1941

Francois Boucher's Portrait of a Lady, ca 1760-70

The amount of rendering in Boucher's piece insane, yet, the flowers and a lot of the drapery are a bunch of loose strokes beautilly organized and left imperfect. 

Milton Avery's Portrait of Annette Kaufman, 1932

Joseph Blackburn's Mary Brown Greenleaf, 1757

Julian Alden Weir's Flower Piece, 1882

But perhaps the piece that summarizes everything I was looking for is this one by Renee Zangara. There is so much gentle and chaotic and it just puts a big smile in face.

Renee Zangara's Napping With Monsters, 2015

I loved being at the museum, it helped me put things into perspective and find a scheme for what I'm trying to create for myself.
What did you enjoy doing alone this week?